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Hygienic Centrifugal Pumps
113 / 114 / 216 / 218 / 328

YC Series

YC ® Series Centrifugal Pump Sanitary Stainless Steel Type 316 are specially designed for applications in the Food, Dairy, Chemical-Pharmaceutical and Beverages applications in general. The equipment does not require special mounting because it is designed to not use complicated tools or special accommodations, the team has standard C flange.

Volute casing and backwards impellers allow smooth operation, and has hydraulically balanced seal (Type D, DG and E) reducing the pressure at the surface of the seal, preventing wear and increasing efficiency.

Besides having suction and discharge connection Clamp (on request: DIN, ACME, SMS, IDF, NPT, flanges, etc.)

Yeccan Cemiac ® offers equipment with an option to change flange, clamp and casing, (YC Series ®) to convert the same equipment using the same internal parts on a Flanged equipment (YCB Series ®) The goal of these equipments is to facilitate and maintain it with interchangeable internal parts with an industry standard that is compatible with other brands.


Lineal Filters

Sanitary Lineal Cartridge Filters Series YCFM

They are built to handle liquid or fibrous fluids that require special filtration and sanitary finishes that allow displacement of the product for quick and safe maintenance.

The advantage that the sanitary filters of Yeccan Cemiac ® is that they are easy to disassemble and do not need special tools. Within its interior, it has a cartridge filter that retains large particles and a filter medium that allows a continous flow, it glides smoothly, on the walls of the filter, thus obtaining the overall quality of your product. Sanitary Standards 3A, FDA, ASTM-A270, ASME.

YCFM Series Filters are ideal for Chemical-Pharmaceutical industries, biotech, food, beverage and dairy processing, ease of cleaning and total corrosion resistance.


Basket Filters

Sanitary Basket Filters Series YCSES

Meets Standards 3A Sanitary Standard. YCSES Series filters are ideal for industries, Biochemical Pharmaceutical, biotech, food, beverage and dairy processing, ease of total cleaning and corrosion resistance. The Series YCSES Basket Filters are designed to meet all expectations of high capacity filtration; addition to a back type strainer holding the internal parts from the inside out.



Sanitary Magnetic Traps

YCT Series

Yeccan Cemiac ® manufactures magnetic traps, made of stainless steel, T316, for fluid management requiring sanitary finishes; they function as rare earth particle separators, with high intensity encapsulated magnets, providing up to 25 times more power than the permanent ferrite traditional magnets.

It is recommended to separate weak magnetic fine particles, since its design of 5 encapsulated magnetic bars and a sliding camera are ideal for viscous products such as glucose, fructose, jellies, syrups, oils, fats, etc.. Built Under Rule 3A, FDA, ASTM-A270, ASME.




YCI Series Heat Exchangers "Yeccan Cemiac ® "

Application: Cooling and heating of dairy, viscous, beer like, beverages and pasteurization in some applications.

Operating Principles: The plate heat exchanger consists of a set of corrugated metal plates with portholes for the passage of two fluids between which heat transfer takes place. The plates are mounted between a frame plate and a pressure plate wich are compressed by tightening clamping bolts.

The plates are provided with a retaining board that seals the canal and sends the fluid into alternate channels. The number of plates goes in function of the flow rate, physical properties of the fluids, pressure drop and temperature program. The corrugated plates causes a turbulence in the fluid and contributes to the resistance against differential pressure.

Mixers (Blender) YCB Series "Yeccan Cemiac ® "

The Blender is simple, fast, and very compact. It is capable of absorbing powders in liquids at 50, 100 or 350 pounds per minute (determined by product characteristics and size of the model). It is ​designed for continuous or batch mixing when requirements call for recirculation. When sludge is required, a blender may be used to prepare the dough and the dough and mix it with the final product.

In many of the preliminary and post-merger operations, foaming and flooding may be removed or grouped. These problems are solved because the Blender efficiently integrates liquids or solids without introducing air. One of the components is a throttle valve for controlling the flow of dry matter crests through the hopper.

It can also be adapted for cleaning CIP installations.

Finished in stainless steel (316), materials are used in all wetted parts. Clamp connections are used throughout for easier maintenance.

Sterile air purifier Series YCP "Yeccan Cemiac ®

Application: Confined Spaces Conservation purely sterile to avoid possible contamination from very delicate and perishable products in containers that are exposed to fungi, bacteria in the environment, insects etc.

Applicable to all food products such as, glucose, fructose, liquid sugar, chocolate, substitute sweeteners and viscous or fibrous products among others.

Operating principles: Sterile Air Purifier is a set of HEPA filters (fully sanitary) with stainless steel metal frames with holes that allow passage all through a blower unit which is calculated according to the distance and the losses in the filters and electrostatic pre-filters.

The filter assembly is mounted in a case hermetically sealed in two sections, one for air suction and other for sending air, which makes it reliable and efficient in addition to two latches holding it under pressure with tensors.

UV lamp of 8 Watts at the purified air entrance in the venting system provided of a 110Volts electric connection. Its venting has a pre electrostatic filter which avoids and limits the risk for total contamination with a constant air flow velocity; pressure fall and temperature program are not variables of importance because the air flow is calculated and selected according to each product. The mounting of the equipment is done in a tubular base which resists the total load.

Other process equipment such as evaporators, dryers, pasteurizers, etc..; ... Ask our experts what is the ideal solution for your business.

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