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Cooked fruits, nectar and puree, egg products, meat and sausages, sauces, bakery and pastries.

Handling processed natural fluids to take care of the integrity and quality of the food, with the importance of preserving the texture and flavor that, when complemented with our fluid transfer equipment, guarantees your product until the container.

The addition of our dDasF® engineering area allows us to raise awareness among our staff in compliance with health standards, thus achieving strict compliance with quality control for Yeccan Cemiac® products. We know that the formulation and preparation of your product is vitally important, that when combined, they allow you to enjoy the food with the usual seasoning.

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Preparation of carbonated drinks, juices, liqueurs, wines, beer.

Yeccan Cemiac® is present in the beverage industry, supplying pumping equipment, magnetic separators and filtration systems for production aspects, from small applications to precise dosing.

Our equipment has a large presence of filtration systems from basket systems to traditional in-line and angular systems. Also, a part of the engineering market for low viscosity and density syrup applications; in addition to a perfect flow rate selected by our experts.

Dairy Products

Milk, cheese, cottage cheese, whey and curds, yogurt, butter, formulation and additives.

We are pleased to provide solutions that require a lot of hygiene attention to guarantee the quality of your product.

This has allowed us to manufacture our equipment with high quality standards and customized equipment, guaranteeing a perfect balance between cost and benefit for your filtration and magnetic separation systems; offering a complete line for the Dairy industry.


Processes for creams and ointments, ferments, injectables and ultrafiltration

We have had the opportunity to design, project, manufacture and build systems for cough syrups, body creams, injectable grade water loops and strain fermentation, vaccines and serum with hygienic requirements; thus fulfilling each criterion “from design to factory®

Personal Care

Cosmetics, shampoo, mascara, liquid soap, skin care, toothpaste.

We are responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction from the manufacturing of our equipment, which provides great care to its application and deserves special fluid treatment, in addition, is sensitive to personal care applications and demands a high degree of quality for viscous, sticky and some very abrasive products.


Chemical transfer, raw base ingredients and solvents

One of the most important fields for our company is the handling of industrial detergent fluids and agents compatible with our stainless-steel equipment. Guaranteeing the displacement of fluids such as solvents and base ingredients to guarantee and safeguard the standards of your product.

Additionally, we provide you with the confidence and security of our equipment with a favorable design for your process systems.